OBLIQUE ANGLE FILM CLUB is an open community event to generate healthy conversations on mental health and well-being through the medium of cinema.

Our next movie was the animation film “Inside Out” that takes us on a journey inside the mind of a young girl as she struggles to adjust moving to a new city where she has no friends and everything’s different. A hilarious and brilliant depiction of how memories are formed, retained or forgotten and the importance of different emotions as they compete with each other as we navigate life. This movie is a must watch for children and adults alike.

We took our club online for a discussion of the movie and conversations on mental health, especially during times of change and crisis. Due to lockdown we were not able to host a public screening of the film, but encouraged a lively discussion ranging from the dilemmas of depicting mental health in animation movies to perspectives of a designer in using the right frames and colour palette to enhance the narrative.