An interactive webinar series spread over 4 Fridays covered therapeutic principles on working with Borderline Personality Disorder and introduced evidence based therapies.

8th May : Dr Sowmya Krishna & Dr Divya Nallur
Overview of BPD
Good practice guidelines
Crisis and Risk management including inpatient care
Collaborative care

15th May: Dr Ashlesha Bagadia
Dialectical behaviour therapy
Outline of different modules of social skills
Case based discussion

22nd May: Dr Sona Kakar & Dr Ashlesha Bagadia
Introduction to Intensive Short Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Introduction to Mentalisation Based Therapy
Case based discussion

29th May: Malika Verma & Anando Chatterji
Psychoanalytical understanding of BPD
Fundamentals of group processes
Final group discussion