Through the looking glass: Open book club- Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine

Public event facilitated by Dr Ashlesha Bagadia

It was a fine afternoon to discuss the lonely life of Eleanor Oliphant. We all agreed that loneliness…the new cancer of our society… could only be reduced with real connections made through meaningful conversations. And we can’t underestimate the value of small gestures, which, for some, can have the largest impact. That comfort can be derived from mundane encounters and activities that we take for granted, but are denied for many. It was a fine afternoon that soon turned fiesty as we all explored the way loneliness can impact on our mental health, even when surrounded by people. How the act of encountering an unhelpful doctor can feel terribly lonely. Or the invalidating remarks by a loved one who wants to talk more than listen. We also celebrated the changing climate for the LGBT community in India, which can hopefully reduce the loneliness that they’ve been facing for decades….
The discussion went well beyond Eleanor and still stayed with her.