UNBEARABLE STATES OF MIND: Joint workshop with Tara Clinic on Aggression, Perversion and Mentalisation Based Treatment

Conducted by: Malika Verma from Tara Clinic, Anna Motz from Oxford, UK and Dr Ashlesha Bagadia from The Parc.

Conducted for: psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, social workers and other mental health professionals including trainees

Overview: A two day seminar exploring the fundamentals of behaviours in people with severe personality disorders. Day 1 was spent in discussing aggression and antisocial behaviour, with a special focus on women who are violent. Day 2 was dedicated to Mentalisation based treatment focusing on borderline personality disorder. The seminar was delivered through a combination of didactic sessions, large and small group discussions with demonstration and practice of skills through role plays.

“concepts were delivered with a lot of clarity without taking away the depth or complexity”

“complex content presented effectively with case studies and narratives”

“enjoyed the workshop, stirred a lot of questions: going back with new knowledge and some disavowal”