The Workshops

A combination of didactic and experiential training seminars to enhance clinical skills. Wide range of psychotherapy topics for clinicians working with individuals, families or groups. Workshops can be customized to suit your organisational needs. Please contact us for more information.

Past Workshops :
  • Dynamic Case Formulation in Psychotherapy
  • Boundaries in Psychodynamic therapy
  • Assessment and management of Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Assessment and management of common perinatal disorders
  • Millennial family relationships
  • Women’s well being, self care and safety
  • Emotional well-being in pregnancy and postpartum
  • Maternal mental health & conflicted mother-daughter relationships

The ParcRoom

Welcome to a unique online forum where anonymised cases are discussed by registered clinicians in a closed group not visible to the general public. The forum is strictly moderated to prevent trolls and messages that are not constructive or beneficial to the discussion. The purpose of the forum is to provide peer support and expert guidance & opinion. Through a process of reflective supervision the participants can explore challenges in therapy and inform better practice.

How it works: You need to be a registered member to access the discussion forum. If you have a case you’d like to present, you can start a new thread

Healthy Communities

The PARC has a strong commitment to reducing stigma by facilitating community dialogues on mental health. And making mental health training accessible to all.

Some of the community activities of The Parc are:

  • “Through the Looking Glass”: a bi monthly book club discussing literature based on mental health issues
  • Panel discussions, debates and conferences on mental health and wellness.
  • Workshops for children on sexual awareness
  • Workshops in schools on cyber bullying for both students and parents
  • Awareness campaigns in low income areas
  • Free workshops on skill improvement for frontline public health workers

The Parc Blog